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Our cultivation and experiments notesstrategy, log and detail
(last update 17.12.2013)

I - Introduction

external image RrSvV.gif

II - Mushroom Life

  1. Natural life of mushrooms

  2. Mushroom life cycle :Spore Germination and Mating, Mycelium Expansion, Primordia Formation, Fruitbody Development, Spore Liberation

  3. The five essentials :Temperature, Humidity, O2/CO2, Light, Substrate composition**

III - Cultivator life

  1. Cultivation overview

  2. Starting a new culture : Germinating from spores, Cloning from a cap external image %C3%A9tape-de-culture-de-champignons-traduction.png

  3. Spawn production

  4. external image mc_fig1.gifFructification

  5. Harvesting

  6. Collecting spores prints or syringe

  7. Cultivation medias : Agar, Grain, Fructification substrates (Straw, etc), Enrichment

  8. Culture threats : Contaminants, Fungus Gnat

  9. Equipment : AirFilter, GloveBox / Still Air Box / Laminar Flow Hood, Growing containers (e.g. bags), Growing space

  10. Practices

  11. Cultuvation Full Teks : PF/ BRF Tek, Outdoor log cultivation, Outdoor wood chips cultivation, Strawbale cultivation

IV - Species Guide

V - Annexes